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MasterMine Software for GoldMine and QuoteWerks

Packages -- MasterMine for GoldMine Only

Starter Pack
GM Management Starter Pack Corporate Pack Enterprise Pack

1 Create License
1 Share License
3 Credit Support Pack
Level 1 Training
6 Months Maintenance

1 Master License
1 Share License
3 Credit Support Pack
Level 1 Training
6 Months Maintenance

1 Master License
1 Additional Create License
5 Share Licenses
10 Credit Support Pack
Level 1 Training
1 Year Annual Maintenance

2 Master Licenses
Unlimited Share Licenses
10 Credit Support Pack
Level 1 Training
1 Year Annual Maintenance

Package Price: $995 Package Price: $1795 Package Price: $2995 Package Price: $4995
Component Price: $1424.50
Save: $429.50
Component Price: $2304.50
Save: $509.50
Component Price: $4104
Save: $1109
Component Price: $6819
Save: $1824
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Online Assistance with Professional Service Credits

To resolve your reporting and data management needs quickly and efficiently with MasterMine, include a pack of Professional Service Credits (prices below) with your initial software package. Together, via GotoMeeting screensharing, we'll build your initial reports, assess and resolve major data issues, replace inefficient manual processes, and more. Continuing Professional Service Credits are optional in the long run but are a very high-return investment in getting your GoldMine system operating smoothly and efficiently. Learn More.

Why do you need additional licenses beyond the first?

MasterMine reports interact with GoldMine. Users drill through reports to GoldMine records, process records in groups, and actively manage GoldMine across accounts through MasterMine in other ways. Creating and sending around "snapshots" in Excel is inefficient and ultimately much more expensive than simply "deploying" reports to users who open them, live and current, at the time of need. Consider extra training for your "share" users to get the most from using MasterMine's live reports.

Individual Components Menu

Add items to one of our packages above, or build your own custom configuration.

MasterMine for GoldMine      Order

Initial license options:
MasterMine Master License:
MasterMine Create License:

Additional Licenses:
Each additional Master License:
Each additional Create License:
Each Share License:
Unlimited Share Licenses:

First MMUpdater License:
Additional MMUpdater Licenses:


MasterMine for QuoteWerks    Order

First Create License:
Each additional Create License:
Site License:

Professional Services              Order

Expert help writing reports and managing data
for GoldMine or QuoteWerks.

80-credit support pack (20 hours):
40-credit support pack (10 hours):
20-credit support pack (5 hours):
10-credit support pack (2.5 hours):
Hourly support:


Training         Order

Level 1 Training (Fundamental)
Level 2 Training (Basic)
Level 3 Training (Advanced)
Open Training
Master License Training (Updating)
Share-User Training
MasterMine for QuoteWerks

1 Hour
2 Hours (8 Units)
2 Hours (8 Units)
1.5 Hours (6 Units)
2 Hours (8 Units)
2 Hours (8 Units)
2 Hours (8 Units)

Annual Maintenance

Optional annual maintenance covers all software releases and technical support. Purchase annual maintenance with the software at 20% of the software price, or add it later at 30% of the software price until the release of the next version. See "Benefits of Annual Maintenance" or Upgrade MasterMine to Later Version below.

Product Definitions

Master License: Full MasterMine capabilities for one user. Includes one "Create" license plus MMUpdater. Users can create new reports, distribute them to others, and update GoldMine directly from Excel.

Create License: Create new reports and distribute them to others. At least one Create License is required in order to use MasterMine.

Share License: Open, refresh and manipulate reports created by others, fully interactive with GoldMine. May not create new reports from scratch.

MMUpdater: Update GoldMine directly from Excel. Add this component to any Create or Share License. Users must have master rights in GoldMine or apply special waver (inquire as needed).

Annual Maintenance: Free software upgrades and tech support while current for any MasterMine-related technical issue (not report writing). Please see the additional information on Annual Maintenance below.

Support Packs: In "units" of 15 minutes, support packs provide pre-paid online report writing, data manipulation, and GoldMine configuration that's convenient and efficient. Units never expire.

About Our Professional Services

Using our Professional Services is the best way to get your reports built quickly and efficiently. Our services are typically provided online via screen sharing, so you can participate, learn, and generally keep the project on track to deliver exactly what you need in the shortest time-frame.

Support Pack Units (Advance purchase, lower cost)

Conveniently get help writing reports, manipulating data or designing GoldMine setup to support reporting. Online help via screen-sharing service is available weekdays, 8:00am to 5:00pm Central Time. Purchase credits for these services in advance to save against the cost and hassle of hourly billing, and to get top priority in our service queue. Credits may be used in groups, never expire, and are useable for any of our billable services.

By-the-Hour Support (Purchase upon completion)

Billed at $180/hour, with a minimum of 1 hour per incident, rounded up to the next half-hour. Larger projects require estimate and 1/2 payment in advance.

Online Training

See training options and agendas

Online Training helps our clients get the most out of their MasterMine investment. Since the training is done online, multiple users in multiple locations can participate in one cost-effective training session. All sessions are conducted online, using your database, ensuring that the training is relevant to your particular way of using GoldMine or QuoteWerks. Sessions may be recorded, allowing for future reference and refresher training.

Live, On-Site Services

Professional Services In-Person, at your site: 4 hour minimum, $180/hour plus travel expenses.
Customized training, report writing, or advance installation services, conducted on-site. Report writing credits cannot be used for these services, all time is billed at the By-The-Hour rates as described above. Special rates exist for multiple day or location jobs, so please contact us to have us provide you with a quote.

MasterMine Annual Maintenance

Why should I stay current on Annual Maintenance?

Free Version Upgrades as long as you remain current.
- Free support on MasterMine installation and troubleshooting (not GoldMine itself!)  
- Access to MasterMine report writing, online training, and MasterMine-enabled business analysis

Purchased with software: 20% of the total retail purchase price.
Purchased later than software: 30% of the total retail price until the release of the next version. See the Upgrade MasterMine to Later Version section below.
Renews annually: 20% of original retail price for equivalent software.

For maintenance coverage details, please click here.

To Add or Reinstate Maintenance: To add annual maintenance more than 30 days after your initial software purchase, or to reinstate lapsed maintenance, you must first upgrade to the current version (see below) before purchasing maintenance at 20% of the current software price. If there has been no subsequent version released you may purchase maintenance at 30% of the current software price. Start date of maintenance, and anniversary of renewal, is the original date of purchase of the most current version. If you purchase additional seats, you must increase maintenance to cover the additional seats.

Upgrade MasterMine to Later Version

Free to those on current Annual Maintenance

For those not on maintenance:

-Upgrade from version 7 to version 8: 40% of current retail price for same seats
-Upgrade from version 6 to version 8: 60% of current retail price for same seats
-Upgrade from version 5 to version 8: 80% of current retail price for same seats

*To acquire maintenance after initial software purchase, see above.

Note: Prices subject to change without notice. Any price quote is valid only as it agrees with the policies described on this web page at the time of purchase. MasterMine reserves the right to refuse to fulfill third-party quotes that are inconsistent with these policies.

Payment Terms

Payment is due on delivery for software, support and training. MasterMine accepts all major credit cards, corporate checks, and bank drafts.
Delivery of software licenses or services may be delayed until receipt of payment.

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