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Report Writing Service

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If you need help or don't have the time...

Writing reports and configuring your GoldMine data to support them is our "superpower". Let our Professional Services team guide you to quick solutions, handle tricky queries and data relationships, and help you fix and update your data, while you focus on what you do best.

See "How To Purchase" below to choose the most cost-effective program for you.


1. On-Call Support

For the do-it-yourselfer, paid support is available in quarter-hour units so you get moving again quickly and efficiently.
We're available online weekdays for quick answers and "how-to" support.

Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 5:30 pm CST, call (877) 877-7212 ext 3.

2. Report Writing Service

Describe what you need and we create reports for you, often in just a few minutes. Most work is performed "while you watch," so you're sure you get what you need without a long back-and-forth process. If you wish, you can learn MasterMine AND get your work done at the same time. Sessions are done via screen sharing, at your desk, at your convenience.

Call (877) 877-7212 ext 3 or e-mail us your requirements.

3. Data Management Service

Every database deteriorates over time if it's not carefully managed. In skilled hands, MasterMine is the most powerful and efficient GoldMine data management tool around.

From data normalization to mass updating, we can help you get your GoldMine data back in shape so your processes and people are at optimum performance and your reports are truly informative.

Call (877) 877-7212 ext 3 or e-mail us your requirements.

4. Half-day "Facilitated Business Analysis Session" with Rob Machalek

Combine your business knowledge with our deep GoldMine and MasterMine expertise to get "under the hood" of your GoldMine operation. In a few hours, you'll understand your business and its GoldMine "nervous system" like never before. Guided by your current issues and questions, Rob makes it easy to improve your entire GoldMine operation.

Cost: $800 For a half-day (approx. 4-hour) session with Rob Machalek.

E-mail Rob to schedule an appointment.


How To Purchase MasterMine Support

Direct help online gets you results quickly and efficiently:

1. Support Packs (Purchase In Advance)

Since many reports take only minutes to produce, why pay for whole hours? Short, intensive help is always better than hours of guess-work on your own.

Buying in advance saves you the cost of hourly billing, the hassle of micro payments, and reduces time-to-results.

Credits may be used in any number at once, never expire, and are useable for any of our billable services.

10 Credit Support Pack (2.5 Hours): $450 - Buy Now

20 Credit Support Pack (5 Hours): $850 - Buy Now

40 Credit Support Pack (10 Hours): $1600 - Buy Now

80 Credit Support Pack (20 Hours): $3000 - Buy Now

2. By-The-Hour (Purchase Upon Completion)

Traditional hourly support is available at $180/hour, with a minimum of 1 hour per incident. Time is rounded up to the next half-hour. Pay only for hours used. Project estimates are usually possible in advance of work.

Call toll free (877) 877-7212 ext 3 to get started or discuss options.



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"We had been struggling for months to get the reports we needed. Working together with MasterMine personnel online, we generated reports in the first 45 minutes that resolved 90% of our immediate sales reporting needs. This is awesome!"

- Bryan Feller, Dir of Marketing, Afterburner Seminars, Inc.