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MasterMine Technical Support

Technical Support


Free tech support is available during normal business hours for current holders of annual maintenance. Tech support covers any issue that we determine is caused by MasterMine or its installer not performing to specifications. We also assist your staff with installing new software or upgrades.

Call (877) 877-7212 ext 2. Issues that are environmental or GoldMine setup related may incur support charges, in which case you will be notified if possible before charges accrue.


Additional resources available to you

Online Knowledgebase:
Get help 24/7 on specific issues that others have experienced. - Click Here.

Install Document:
Download a simple Install Help document. - Click Here.

User Manual:
Many questions can be answered by referencing the User Manual distributed with your software.

  • Full Licensees: Just click "Help", "User Manual" in the "Create" dialog.
  • Share or Create Users: In a MasterMine report in Excel, click Info ( MasterMine Info Icon) on the MasterMine toolbar and then MasterMine Help Icon .

Paid Support Services:
Fee-based support in writing reports, analysis, and data management is available online. Learn more.


If you need help writing or formatting MasterMine reports see Report Writing Services



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