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MasterMine Training for Advanced Users

Level 3 Full-User Training

(2 Hours) Covers advanced functionality for power-users and designers of non-standard reports. Expands upon use of job-function-based templates, modifying existing pivot tables using MSQuery, and utilizing SQL and dBase expressions to fine-tune query contents. If proficiency in these topics is demonstrated early, users may direct this session to specific report requirements as needed.

Topics Covered

Pivot Tables:

  • Date Grouping
  • Numeric Grouping
  • Grouping on Field Contents
  • Sum, Avg, Count in Data Area
  • Drilldown Preferences
  • Customizing Reports
  • Building Report Workbooks
  • Transferring Reports to Others
  • MSQuery Features
  • Adding Fields
  • Using Expressions
  • Selection Criteria

MasterMine Interface:

  • Modify SQL Query
  • Preferences
  • Report Builder Toolkit
  • Database Manager's Toolkit
  • Sales Manager's Toolkit
  • Reference Manual Topics

VAR Training Bonus:

  • Marketing Support Options
  • Customization Support

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