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MasterMine Full User Training

Level 2 Full-User Training

(2 Hours) Private, online training, using your own database, this course expands on the basic skills covered in Level 1 training. Includes discussion of your firm's specific reporting and data management requirements.

Recommended for all users.

Topics Covered

Building Quick Reports

  • Parts and functions of the MasterMine "Create Report" User Interface
  • Sorting fields for Listview Columns
  • Pre-filtering Data

Basic PivotTable Functionality: Doing "Prospect Analysis"

  • 4 parts of the pivot table
  • Filtering in the Page Area
  • Displaying in Rows and Columns
  • Segmentation: Building local Groups
  • Drill-down for listviews
  • Drill-down to GoldMine
  • Creating GoldMine CRM Groups

MasterMine Toolbar Functions

  • Refresh options
  • Ease-of-Display functions
  • Cloning reports
  • Information & security dialog
  • Add Report to GoldMine Taskbar
  • Charting

Database Management & Clean-up Basics

  • MMUpdater (Introduction)

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