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MMUpdater Training

MMUpdater Training

(approx. 1 Hour) At your own pace, using your own database, learn to update GoldMine using MMUpdater. Some general topics on GoldMine CRM Data managmeent are also covered. Recommended for all MMUpdater users.

Topics Covered

Simple data update on drilldown sheet

  • Drilldown for target set
  • Invoke MMUpdater

MMUpdater dialog

  • Update from Log sheet
  • Undo
  • Update directly (bypass Log step)

MasterMine Toolbar Functions

Additional topics (if time allows):

Update GoldMine from "proxy" field

Excel tricks: Copy down, select column, using Excel replace

Using cell formulas in Excel

Updating GoldMine fields requiring special handling

  • Notes
  • References in ContHist
  • Date fields
  • Linked Documents

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