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These FAQs cover MasterMine generally as it relates to GoldMine and other products.
For technical or support FAQs, see our Online Knowledgebase.

MasterMine and GoldMine F.A.Q.s

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Why does your business NEED MasterMine?

1. MasterMine is an easy alternative to most report writing. The simplest reports take hours to create using GoldMine's report writer or Crystal Reports -- IF you have a trained technician available to do the work. With MasterMine and an hour's training ANY end-user GoldMine manager can get the information they need almost immediately in most cases.

More complex analytical spreadsheets may require some customization by you, the VAR, or by our MasterMine technicians. We can do the job for you or train you to do it.

2. MasterMine vastly expands GoldMine's data analysis capabilities. GoldMine's built-in analysis screens are useful if your business follows a very specific model, but they are not flexible. MasterMine provides the flexibility and ease-of-use that makes analysis of ANY GoldMine CRM Data easy for end-user GoldMine managers.

Every GoldMine operation, existing and future, is a prime target. The longer GoldMine has been in operation, the more data have accumulated that can be profitably analyzed and turned into business process improvements, key management metrics, targeted sales, and marketing opportunities. Click here to see Who NEEDS MasterMine!

Get at just about ANYTHING in GoldMine using MasterMine

MasterMine is built to conveniently give you immediate access to the most commonly used tables in GoldMine CRM. The main account information (Contact1) and custom account-level fields (Contact2), your file of pending activities (Cal), of completed activities(ContHist), and all of your custom "profiles" - your details tab and custom tabs - and supplementary contacts (ContSupp) are all immediately accessible, and cross-linked (i.e. ContSupp, Contact1, and Contact2) in ways anticipating most of your likely "ad hoc" reporting needs.

MasterMine also includes dozens of pre-formatted reports, organized into job function-oriented "toolkits". Take a look at these Calls Analysis Scenario to get an idea of what you can do.

MasterMine is better than Report Writers for many tasks

80% of the time, when people use report writers what they really want is data analysis. They want a particular answer now, an overview, a summary, a way to find out what's working and what's not. MasterMine is by far the easiest way to get these simple answers on-the-fly, when you need them, without requiring an expert to generate reports.

Also, report writers are used to create static printouts. MasterMine creates on-screen, summary tables that are quickly molded to display any needed information. In most cases, your report (infinitely flexible "views" based on a static "query") fulfills your immediate information need, and sets you up to get lots more answers to related questions as the need arises.

You could waste a lot of time and money generating a multitude of static reports to do the same thing. But even then, the value of drilling-down for detail, re-grouping, re-arranging, and re-filtering data on the fly, and displaying unexpected source data goes way beyond what any static report can do.

MasterMine is not the best solution for every report

Some reports, though not many, are about showing many kinds of information, some only vaguely related to each other, all on the same printed-out sheet. And you can't get around this need completely.

Yes, MasterMine will replace a large percentage of the static reports that every business manager needs -- and do it more quickly and more easily, with valuable built-in functionality no static report can match. However, traditional reports still have their place, especially in situations of formal reporting where appearence and meeting a precise format are more important than ease, speed and flexibility.

Use MasterMine for "on-the-fly" needs and many daily, down-and-dirty reports. Use a report writer to create Annual Report-quality or "kitchen sink" kinds of reports.

I know Pivot Tables. Why not just build my own?

Excel PivotTables form the basis for MasterMine reports, but we've leveraged this technology to deliver a much more convenient, powerful, time-saving and much less expensive solution than you could build yourself. MasterMine is not just PivotTables -- it's the best of Excel analysis and display capabilities, intelligently integrated with GoldMine CRM.

You could probably figure out how to make your own shoes. Do you do it?
Click here for more details on what MasterMine adds to Excel's native technology.

Can my local GoldMine Solutions Partner support MasterMine?

Ask them. However, you can also use our handy online MasterMine dealer guide to find an experienced MasterMine partner in your area.

Do you offer support and customization directly to end users?

Call your GoldMine Solutions Partner first: They know your data structures and probably your business better than we do. However, a variety of support and customization options, as well as backstopping for your GSP, are available from us. They are detailed on our Support page.

Does MasterMine work with both dBase and SQL-based versions of GoldMine?

Yes. invisibly. MasterMine takes advantage of some of the advanced data access features of SQL, but otherwise, they look the same and cost the same.


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"Mastermine is really a wonderful product. Everyone here who has had to use it is pleased with how simple, yet effective it is."

- Lyndon E. Skeete, Data Administrator, E-Myth Worldwide