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iSuppli Corporation (El Segundo, CA) - End User

As a long-time power user of GoldMine (and an ex-employee of FrontRange Solutions), I strongly believe that GoldMine still holds it’s own as a powerful and scalable customer relationship management solution for networked and distributed offices. But even the most ardent GoldMine fans have to admit that the program has always had its weaknesses, particularly in the areas of reporting and extracting data in a meaningful, usable way.

MasterMine is more than an add-on – it’s a critical component for any GoldMine installation. Using GoldMine CRM without MasterMine is like reading a book that’s missing half the pages. I was (and still am) completely amazed at the ease and depth of the reporting generated by MasterMine. Never before have I been able to pull reports that contain data spanning multiple database tables. The pivot table functionality makes it a snap to quickly analyze, validate and slice-and-dice large chunks of information, and I love the fact that you simply click on a field in Excel to automatically view the corresponding record in GoldMine CRM.

Reports that used to take me an entire day to compile and required multiple complex queries now take me only a few minutes to complete. I look forward to adding MMUpdater to my arsenal, which will be a blessing during those frequent territory realignment projects and will finally allow me to get my database sparkling clean by finding and fixing all the bad, incomplete or outdated records buried deep in our 7-year old database.

Thanks, MasterMine!!

- Jennifer Bamber-Repcik, Database Administrator and Sr. Manager, Marketing


Brodie Toyota Lift (Lawrence, MA) - End User

Hi Nancy,

Just wanted to give you an update on MasterMine. I have had several training sessions with our sales force and management team and they are all excited. This software is phenomenal!

Our management team is now mandating that all salespeople use Goldmine as they can finally gather information that is meaningful to them to monitor the sales force. Salespeople & management, without any Excel training, can easily access just the data they want.

I just can't believe that finally they are using Goldmine and are so excited about the capabilities. We now have a full time telemarketer to update Goldmine and salespeople look forward to running MasterMine each night to get all their leads.Thank you so much for spending the time with me.

- Linda DiGiacomo, MIS Manager


Puritan Financial Group (Dallas, TX) - End User

Hi Nancy,

MasterMine is DEFINITELY our recommendation for gleaning data from your GoldMine CRM Database. Without MasterMine, our database is a junk-drawer. (It can hold a lot of stuff, but you can't find anything when you need it!)

Once we downloaded the demo version of MasterMine, we instantly knew we had discovered the resolution to our reporting challenges. Our needs are simple; however, the anecdotal reports issued via the GoldMine CRM Reports writer were insufficient to calculate closing ratios, cumulative filter counts, and even general statistics where we just wanted to get a "snapshot" of what was taking place on a daily basis (like a collective count on daily appointments by organization-wide users or a daily appointment grid).

We thoroughly examined our options, comparing price, functionality and user friendliness. We needed something sophisticated enough to calculate ratios based on different variables, but simple enough for end users having only basic computer skills. We even tried other demo versions of competitor software (which promised to be extremely user friendly) and found MasterMine to be FAR more powerful and logical to use.

The fact that MasterMine is MS EXCEL based is BRILLIANT! The flexibility of using pivot tables as well as the ability to call up records from the generated report directly into Goldmine is worth its weight in... GOLD! Catching data entry errors is a snap!

On an additional note, we can vouch for the developer of this Genius Package. MasterMine stands behind it's product, and customer service is a priority.

Bravo, MasterMine! We are so glad we found you!

- Amanda Thomas


E-Myth Worldwide (Santa Rosa, CA) - End User

Mastermine is really a wonderful product and so far everyone here who has had to use it is pleased with how simple, yet effective it is. We have had reporting issues with Goldmine for a while and have tried other programs that produce good reports but are certainly less user-friendly for users not familiar with databases.

One of our vendors suggested Mastermine over a year ago but nothing was done at that time. I think we missed a great opportunity to handle some of our reporting needs in an inexpensive yet efficient manner.

- Lyndon E. Skeete, Data Administrator


Sabre Software Design (San Diego, CA)

ALL of my existing clients are candidates for MasterMine. This product opens up opportunities to consult on all kinds of business needs from cleaning databases to tuning business processes through powerful, dynamic reports. The MasterMine reports, in turn, present additional consulting opportunities to provide GoldMine customization and training in this potent product. The short learning curve is a bonus.

- Barbara Blackwell, Owner


1st Direct Corp (New York, NY)

MasterMine unlocks the value of your GoldMine CRM Database by combining the best of Excel with the best of GoldMine CRM. MasterMine does things you'd die trying to do without it!

- Bob Ritter, Owner


Blaser Swisslube, Inc. (Goshen, NY) -End User

MasterMine has been a real bargain for us. It has saved me tons of time doing reports for my boss. In fact, I'm ready to hand off some reporting back to him so he can get his own answers without coming to me's that easy to use!!"

- Eric Benson


Professional Edge, Inc (Dallas, TX)

The next time you are frustrated with pulling information out of GoldMine, ask me about MasterMine! You will be asking me "Why didn't you show me this sooner!

- Craig Monk, Account Manager


Connections for Business (Hollywood, FL)

I shouldn't have to know SQL to get information out of GoldMine CRM! If I can't get information out, what's the point of putting it in there? MasterMine gives me that capability.

- Nathan Thompson, Sales


Topline Medical, (Fargo, ND) - End User

MasterMine has saved us thousands of dollars by providing us with an affordable, yet extremely flexible analysis and reporting solution. More important, it has helped us keep track of business-critical information that gives us a competitive edge in our market.

- Neil Little, Sales Manager


Tips, Inc. (Georgetown, TX) -End User

I kick myself when I think of all the man-months I spent putting together reports in Access that I can now do in a few minutes with MasterMine. I really wish I had this 4 years ago!

- Jason Sprayberry, Sales & Mktg Mgr.


Beachwood Systems (Beachwood, OH)

MasterMine is a must have for any GoldMine CRM user that truly wants to analyze activities, customer profiles, and many other data mining needs. It can't be any easier!

- Scott Clark


SFA Solutions (Minneapolis, MN)

Every GoldMine VAR has clients who need better analysis than GoldMine or even Crystal Reports provide. MasterMine is easier to set up and more powerful than either. I'm recommending MasterMine to every report-hungry client I have.

- Andrew Gantman, Principal


180° Solutions (Newport Beach, CA)

MasterMine was so easy to use, I was able to teach my staff to develop reports for clients in an hour. And my clients are impressed at how quickly I can respond to their needs. This program is definitely part of our value-add solutions.

- Sandra Haines, Partner


Indy Associates (Indianapolis, IN)

I demo'd GoldMine CRM with MasterMine to a new customer last Friday. MasterMine is the reason they're going with GoldMine instead of another well known midrange CRM system.

- Mike Seidle, President


The Automation Station (St. Paul, MN)

Anyone who's serious about really managing their GoldMine CRM Database should be using this product. It would take eternity to write all the GoldMine/Crystal reports to model the data like you can in a few clicks of a mouse with MasterMine!

- Eric Turnipseed, Owner


Ambient Consulting (Formerly PSINet) (St. Paul, MN)

MasterMine is the best add-on I have seen for reporting and data analysis with GoldMine CRM. Every GoldMine installation needs one, both for simple and sophisticated reporting needs.

- Scott Velin, Sales Director


Philom Bios (Saskatoon, SK) - End User

MasterMine is far superior to static reports that force you into a fixed view of data. With MasterMine we can easily tailor the data analysis and presentation to suit all our needs. It's very intuitive and easy to use.

- Sanford Gleddie, VP Sales & Mktg


Opportunity Mgmt, Inc. (Portland, OR)

This is the best new add-on I've seen for GoldMine in years. This really enhances the value of GoldMine for managers.

- Del Ball, Owner


OLACR, Inc. (Formerly OptiCom) (Miami, FL)

Anyone looking to get something out of GoldMine is going to be excited about this product. Displaying the data in Pivot Tables is brilliant - and much easier to use than other reporting methods.

- Manny Hodak, Sales


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