Who Needs MasterMine?

Everyone does better with easy access to information.

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Information "bottlenecks" hamper your business!

Give users flexible reports so they take care of their own information needs within set limits -- no more hassling the IT department for minor report changes! No more researching tables to create a custom GoldMine query or writing GoldMine SQL!

Deploy select reports for 1-Button Launch by ANY STAFF MEMBER you choose. Even "technophobes" can branch off to any variation with fast, easy Drag-n-Drop changes that show immediate results.


GoldMine CRM Database Administrators

Complete Data Overviews with Drilldown Capability
Fixing Data Inconsistencies Quickly without SQL
Quick 'n dirty summaries of anything in seconds

Executive Management

Real Business Process/Trend Analysis
Oversight of Department Activity
Flexible, Immediate Reports - NO WAITING!

Anyone Who Manages Others

Full Activity analysis linked to ANY GoldMine field
View any data without knowing table names or SQL
Drilldown to GoldMine Records Within Reports!

Marketing Managers

Source and Prospect Analysis
Campaign Management
Graphing & Charting - Painlessly!

Sales Managers

Monitor ANY GoldMine Activity
Forecasted & Completed Sales Reporting
Sales Process Monitoring at any level!

Sales Personnel

Client Prioritizing
Activity Tracking every way imaginable