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MMUpdater Software

MMUpdater 1.0


1. Who can use MMUpdater?

Only licensed users and new purchasers of MasterMine v5.0 or higher who have current Annual Maintenance may purchase MMUpdater. Furthermore only GoldMine CRM users with Master access rights may use MMUpdater. Licenses are granted on a user-by-user basis, so only those users with a separate MMUpdater license are enabled to use MMUpdater.

2. What are the System Requirements?

To use MMUpdater you must have:

  • - a licensed copy of MasterMine v5.0 or higher
  • - current Annual Maintenance on MasterMine
  • - Master rights in GoldMine
  • - GoldMine v5.0 or higher
  • - Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher
  • - Microsoft Office 2000 or higher

3. How can I download a copy?

Simply update to a current version of MasterMine for GoldMine CRM. The MMUpdater icon will appear in your MasterMine toolbar in Excel, whenever you are on a drilldown sheet.

4. How do I launch MMUpdater inside MasterMine?

In a MasterMine report, drilldown to a "line listing" of records. (double-click on any cell in the Data area of your report). Change data on the spreadsheet. Highlight any column, or any set of cells within a single column that you wish to transfer into GoldMine CRM. Then click on the rightmost icon on the MasterMine toolbar. MMUpdater Icon Or MMUpdater Button on the "MasterMine Drilldown" ribbon in Excel 2007 and higher.

5. When and where can I submit feedback?

Please click here to submit feedback as frequently as you care to. Your knowledgable comments will help MasterMine to hone the MMUpdater product over time.

6. When was the current version released?

MMUpdater was released for general purchase in June 2006.

7. What does the product cost?

See our pricing page.

8. Is Annual Maintenance Required?

Annual maintenance is REQUIRED with MMUpdater, and costs 20% of the software. Annual maintenance may not be "un-bundled" from your regular MasterMine maintenance.


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- Paul M., Active Innovations