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Thank you for using MasterMine

Prior to licensing, this software will function in “trial” mode for 4 days.

Please contact us at (877) 877-7212 for a free tour (new users) or for assistance in licensing your software.

Use the same installer for a new installation OR for an upgrade. There is no need to uninstall. Simply overwrite existing application files by indicating the current location of MasterMine on your system when prompted. Your existing MasterMine reports will NOT be affected.

MasterMine for GoldMine

MasterMine for QuoteWerks

Version 9 Current Version 9.1.343


Download ZIP File           Download EXE File

Prior (Version 8) Release: 8.0.146


Download ZIP File           Download EXE File

Version 9 Current Release: 9.0.139


Download ZIP File           Download EXE File

Prior (Version 8) Release: 8.0.148


Download ZIP File           Download EXE File

Where to install MasterMine

Install MasterMine on your WORKSTATION if…

Install Mastermine on the SERVER if…

► You use GoldMine as a client in a traditional network 
► You are a syncronizing GoldMine user 
► You have MS Excel on your computer 

► You use Terminal Services (RDP)

► You use Citrix

► You use iGoldMine

NOTE: A new license code is required to upgrade from an older version to v8.x. Your current annual maintenance entitles you to a FREE upgrade license. Do NOT install v8.x over your v7.x software until you have your new license in hand. Microsoft Excel must be installed on the workstation or terminal server prior to installing MasterMine. Contact us at 877-877-7212 if you have any question regarding your license numbers.

Click here for our End User License Agreement.

Click here for instructions to install or uninstall the software.

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System Requirements

GoldMine 9.0 or higher 

QuoteWerks 4.x or higher

Corporate, Professional and Standard Editions.

SQL 2008 or higher- OR MS Access database

Both SQL and Access database back-ends are served by the same version of MasterMine, and look virtually identical.

MS Office 2007 or higher

(Microsoft Excel must be installed on the workstation or terminal server prior to installing MasterMine)

Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10

512 MB RAM minimum
For larger data files (more than a few thousand contacts or 20,000 history records), 2 GB or more is highly recommended.

High-speed Networks
Network speed can be a bottleneck if large files are queried. See the user manual for hints on query efficiency.