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What's New in Version 9

MasterMine for GoldMine

More Compatibility

GoldMine 2016 and 2017 guaranteed; 
Microsoft Excel 2007 through 2016;
Windows 7 through 10; 
Availability in Hosted GoldMine environment (Cloud Jumper), BYOL or subscription; 
Compatibility with 64-bit Excel for MMUpdater users

New MMUpdater features

Create sub-records: Additional Contacts, Details, Pending, History; 
Create notes records; 
Better manage existing sub-records like e-mail addresses, websites

Report Management

Launch Search; 
Favorites section  

Easier Report Transport & Sharing

Snapshot to Archive; 
Import from non-MasterMine sources;
Export to non-MasterMine Excel, PDF, or CSV

Find Templates Easier

Treeview access to templates by function; 
Reorganized and enhanced toolkits for: Database Analysis, GoldMine Maintenance, Sales Activity Tracking, Forecasting & Sales Tracking, Opportunities, Marketing Segmentation & List Management, Account Analysis

Enhanced Security Features

Lock filter fields (i.e. USER); 
Master user license management

New & Improved GM Management Templates

Notes Tab reporting; 
E-mail address error correction;
Record Curtaining Management;
Duplicate checking and correction;
E-mail Inbox Tree by User;
Log-based reports: Records Added, Records Deleted, User Log Report;
Call Report with Last and Next Call Info;
Refined Contstant Contact and IntelliClick Reports

Over 120 Bug Fixes & Minor Enhancements

Coming soon:
Better user-role and licensing management – Licensing module, Free/cheap “Viewer” license type, Freeware option